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We love impactful, important work! Know Your Customer Ltd delivers an efficient, high-tech Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering solution for rapid ID verification of both individual or corporate clients. The company is run by a global team of professionals specialising in risk and compliance, technology, finance and law. They enlisted Idea’s help to design and brand and company website to highlight their efficient high-tech solutions for rapid ID verification of both individual or corporate clients. This anti-money laundering app was the first in the KYC space, which enabled a secure and efficient upload of  KYC verification documents to compliance staff within minutes directly from any mobile device. KYC Ltd. needed a sleek website to educate about their product and services.  An exciting challenge for a dynamic company!

Design Challenge

Know Your Customer Ltd had an immediate global launch, and so required an international level brand promptly. Idea presented a modernistic, cutting-edge brand and website to launch this revolutionary service. Our brief was to design a  website that would encourage potential clients to book a demo for lead generation. Idea designed a prominent ‘book a demo button’ to encourage signups.  Idea wanted to present the apps key features, advantages and a working guide – using minimal text. A colour palette of silver and orange presents KYC as a universal, established and approachable brand.


Know Your Customer Ltd rolled out the brand for all markets and audiences. Global business development teams were able to market their app and services worldwide, the website design answered questions and aided brand awareness.  Additionally, the teams were able to process leads from the accessible and easy to use website. A fantastic result for a dynamic company!

What our
clients think?

The Idea team thought of everything and made the process of creating a new website as easy as possible. I would definitely recommend them.

Cormac Doddy, Know Your Customer